Back in 2019, Hulu approached Laundry to create a campaign for their Halloween brand campaign. The campaign comprised of two parts - a series of short promotional animations to market the release of their Huluween event and the second, trailers. 

Laundry held a custom shoot and brought me onboard to design and animate for the short animations, as well as design and animate graphics for the trailer based on the footage they created from the shoot.

Most of my work for the trailer comprised of making the VFX on the actors eyes, background elements, VFX over devices, in addition to color correction and compositing to implementing the graphics. 
It was the first large scale test of my compositing and VFX skills. Below are some selections of my work from the campaign.

(Designer: Yongmin Park    ✖    Animator: Michelle Grepo)

(Designer: Yongmin Park    ✖    Animator: Michelle Grepo)

(Designer & Animator: Michelle Grepo)

Below are some early concepts I designed and illustrated that didn't make the final cut.
Client: Hulu
Agency: Laundry

More coming soon...

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